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The Australian dollar currency pair to the Singapore dollar, traded on forex, is a reflection of the economic situation in the Pacific and South-East Asia.


The Australian dollar, also called aussy, is a typical commodity currency, as its price is influenced by the prices of minerals exported by Australia. The largest importer of iron ore, coal and other natural resources is China, the state of its economy has an impact on exports and, accordingly, the rate of the Australian dollar.


The largest share, which reaches almost 70% in the structure of Singaporean exports are high-tech products, a little more than 10% accounted for the share of fuel and energy products. A highly developed economy and a steadily growing financial services sector have transformed Singapore into a financial center of Southeast Asia. All this together influences the rate of the Singapore dollar on forex.


The AUD / SGD pair is built on the principle of direct quotation. The base currency is AUD - Australian dollar, and quoted - SGD, Singapore dollar. The growth of the currency pair means the strengthening of the Australian dollar against the Singapore dollar, that is, to buy one AUD, more SGD is required. The downgrade indicates the strengthening of SGD.


Using the current exchange rate chart, you can monitor the dynamics of a currency pair in real time.


The Australian dollar (bank code: AUD), the official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia, and also has circulation on the islands of Christmas, Cocos Islands and Norfolk Island. In addition, AUD has circulation in such states as Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu. The issue of the Australian dollar, as well as the regulation of the Australian banking and monetary system, is carried out by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).


Singapore dollar - (bank code: SGD), the national currency of the Republic of Singapore (Republic of Singapore). It is attached the Brunei dollar in the ratio 1: 1. The Monetary Authority of Singapore acts as the central bank of Singapore, and also pursues monetary policy, issuing banknotes, oversees payment systems, oversees financial services and monitors financial stability.

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