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The CAD / CHF currency pair can hardly be called a popular financial instrument, but in the hands of an experienced investor it will be an excellent source for small but stable earnings. Couples with the Swiss franc are traditionally characterized by a calm rhythm of trade, without sharp fluctuations and average in time for the duration of trends.


The dynamics of the currency pair depends on the factors affecting the economies of Canada, Switzerland and the United States of America. For Canada, the factors that influence are the cost of oil and raw materials, trade relations with the United States, and for Switzerland - the inflow of foreign capital and foreign trade with the EU and the United States. It is worth noting that the economies of Canada and Switzerland show stable growth and good prospects.


The value of the Canadian dollar is directly dependent on world oil prices, as Canada is one of the largest suppliers of oil: with the increase in oil prices, the Canadian dollar strengthens, with decline - weaken. Low-yielding Swiss franc, on the contrary, is considered a "safe haven".


When analyzing and forecasting the movement of quotations, it is worth paying attention to:


• oil prices;

• indicators of GDP;

• inflation levels;

• trade balances of Canada and Switzerland;

• Central Bank rates;

• US economic indicators;

• KOF indicator.

• climatic conditions, as for these countries is important and the tourist business.

The base currency in the cross CAD / CHF is the Canadian dollar, quoted - the Swiss franc. The pair is considered a low-yielding and the active trading time - in the European trading session. The graph presented on the page reflects the dynamics of the CAD / CHF movement.


Canadian dollar - (currency sign - $ or C $, Bank code: CAD) - the monetary unit of Canada. It was introduced in 1858. The Central Bank of Canada has the right of issue and regulation. It Refers to acommodity type of currency, as it depends on the export of goods (oil, sulfur). Unofficial names: "Luni" and "small dollar".


Swiss franc - (bank code: CHF) is the currency and legal tender of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Unofficial name "Swissie". Banknotes of francs are issued by the central bank of Switzerland (NBS), and coins are issued by the Federal Mint.

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